strength. mobility. health. play. enjoyment. quality of life.

FlowDog provides referral-based rehabilitation and fitness services for pets, primarily dogs, in the Boston area.

We provide therapeutic services for dogs of all ages and abilities to maximize their quality of life or optimize surgical outcomes.

Depending on the health and life stage of your dog, FlowDog offers two levels of service:

  • Comprehensive physical rehabilitation for dogs with orthopedic or neurological issues.  This includes owner education, hands-on treatment, land-based exercises and swimming.
  • Swimming for dogs seeking exercise and fun in a protected environment.



"We partner with you
as your dog flows
through the seasons of its life.

Whether your dog is
learning to swim,
recovering from an
injury, cross training,
or facing mobility
issues, FlowDog
provides comprehensive and cutting-edge care."

Chris Cranston,
Owner & Founder